Oh so quiet

What are they waiting for – these objects? Where is everyone? Did they just leave or not yet arrive? Or is this place just a figment of my imagination? Perhaps it all will be gone the moment I turn my back.


When I was a child fireworks frightened me. I found it scary with its wild power that could get out of hand any minute. Instead I would tour the neighborhood next morning and collect what was left – feeling safe
with it now and imagining what it had looked liked the night before. Being grown I am now more fascinated with how beauty is fleeting but leaves something at least as interesting as the obvious, short lived splendor of the night before.

Canvas work

A majority of these works play with reality. What is reality? When does our concept of reality slip? It will be different for each person, as I guide you on a journey from definately real to definately not real.

Common for these works is that they are all series of four letter sized photos mounted on painted canvas (size 60 * 60 cm) with a cross stitch in each corner. The background of the canvas is painted with acrylic paint and the border (not seen) is gold.

The photos are cut out by hand and so no two prints can be the same. Several of the works include painting on the photos, gluing parts from other photos, dripping water, etc.

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