Artist in residence

I am opening our home to photographers who have a project they want to do in Copenhagen, Denmark.

A single person can stay with us for up to three weeks and I’ll do my best to help with tips, guiding, and practical matters.

We live on Amager, right next to Copenhagen International Airport (without the noise), 3 mi/5 km from the city center. There are plenty of buses and Copenhagen is a safe and easy city to get around in. You may also be able to borrow a bike

You would be staying in either our small guest on the top floor or the larger one next to when it is not busy hosting a US exchange student. There is a toilet on the top floor and a shower in the basement. You would be welcome to use our kitchen, and for $100 a week the photographer in residence can take his/her meals with us.

All I’ll require at this point is a description of the project and a chance to work through the feasebility and the timing in advance. Please send an email to karinottdk (at)

If you feel drawn to Copenhagen but not sure what work you’d want to do, you might find inspiration in some of the work I have done in the area: Signs of spring, This too will pass, Christianshavn, Ørestadenthe City, Amager Strand, Copenhagen Cablepark, Halvandet.


Artist in residence